MG Lifestyle

Vehicle ownership - particularly when it’s such a renowned vehicle as an MG - is about far more than simply having a means of getting from A to B. Or, at least, that’s what we believe at MG Motor. Owning an MG is almost a way of life, with an appreciation of the finer things in life evident from driving a vehicle from such an auspicious and historic vehicle marque. That’s why we’re delighted to provide a selection of accessories that will complement your vehicle and demonstrate your passion for the brand.

These lifestyle accessories are about more than creating a vehicle that is yours and yours alone. They provide a chance to showcase everything that we stand for - quality and performance. So, whether purchasing for yourself or buying as a gift for someone you know is a fan of all things automotive, you will be able to find the perfect accessory.

About the MG brand

MG has nearly a century of heritage in the automotive industry, with the British brand being among the foremost manufacturers and innovators of motor vehicles. Over the years, MG has developed a number of iconic models, each bearing the distinctive octagonal logo that demonstrates that it is a vehicle of real quality. It’s this history and heritage that makes it such an appealing marque for motorists the world over, and why such an impressive selection of lifestyle accessories is available.